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Welcome to Beings-of-Light!
You are here because YOU are a being of Light and you want to know more…
At our very essence, we are Light – all of us – you and I and everyone.
You are both a spiritual being of Light, and a biological being of light. Light is emitted from all living beings, emitted from our DNA, and can be photographed. This light is emitted as biophotons and as a field…
DNA uses ultraviolet photons (Light) to communicate. This has been shown by Fritz-Albert Popp, a German theoretical physicist, and also by a Russian scientist, Pjotr Garjajev. Dr Gargajev suggested that communication by Light  this is not just an occurrence between cells, but also the means by which humans communicate telepathically. This is also the means by which plants may communicate. They experimented and showed that plant roots in one glass pot could stimulate growth of a plant in a neighboring glass pot. Apparently the plant's molecules send out an electromagnetic field that allows them to communicate. This and other fascinating information about Light produced by organisms and plants can be found at www.viewzone.dnax.html. This article, by Dan Eden, entitled "Is DNA the next Internet?", examines how cells talk to one another, reviews research, and suggests that health and happiness are dependent on coherent Light in the body.
On this site, you will get to know your light and find ways to grow your light. You can add to the Light of the World and fulfill your purpose in life.
You’ve always known there was something special about you – you knew things others didn’t; you felt intuitively the connections between yourself and others –people, animals, the plants, maybe even places, rocks or crystals. Perhaps your life path has involved work in these areas – and perhaps you are just now coming into the realization that you are part of something greater. In any case, you know that NOW is the time for you to actualize the potentials you’ve felt. Your search has brought you here.
My intention is two-fold:
1. To educate you about the Light, both the spiritual and physical basis for all existence
2. To show you how to grow your Light so that you may add to the Light of the world. From time to time, there will be a variety of techniques described.
You ARE a being of Light. You sense this Light and perhaps sense the Oneness….Since all Light is connected, all Light is Eternal.
The Light can be photographed using special equipment. Valentin Kirlian, a Russian researcher, developed a method of contact photography, and successfully photographed the light emitted from people’s hands, from plant leaves, even the light emitted from objects, such as coins. See photo above. The light emitted is brighter when a person is healthy or happy and less light is emitted when a person is tired, ill, or sad. Red flares appear in the normally blue light when a person is angry. Most amazingly, people who are known as healers appear to emit golden light when performing healing work.
A newer version of the Kirlian photography device, called a GDV – Gaseous Discharge Visualization – uses contact with a person’s fingertips to reconstruct the Light a person is emitting and show the “auric field” (emitted light) around their entire body, not just their fingertips. It does not show the fingertip light emissions, but a diagram of light emitted by the body, showing areas where it is strongest and weakest. The advantage is that you see the entire body’s emissions not the fingertips. The disadvantage is that you see a diagram, not an actual photo.
Your body does emit visible light but 1000 times weaker than the levels that can be seen with the naked eye. The amount of Light emitted varies with the body clock, and is frequently at its lowest level around 10am and highest around 4pm. Of course this varies with each individual’s circadian rhythm.
On a molecular level, German researchers are taking photos of “biophotons”, low level electromagnetic Light travelling through your body. Since 1992, the International Institute of Biophysics, a network of research laboratories in more than 10 countries, based in Germany, has been coordinating research in biophotonics. It has been postulated that the light is stored in the DNA in the nucleus of cells, and released to regulate life processes. The light in the body forms a coherent holographic field. Neurophysiologists such as Karl Pribram are taking note of the work with biophotonics and relating it to memory and consciousness.
There’s talk about orbs…Colored spheres of Light of various colors and sizes that have been seen on photographs of a number of reliable people, including celebrity author, Wayne Dyer. No one knows what they are or what causes this phenomenon. Are they true Beings of Light? We’ll learn more about this.
We’ll explore all of this and more…Together, online, in lectures, workshops and private sessions.
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