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On this site, you will get to know your light and find ways to grow your light physically and   
At our very essence, we are Light – all of us – you and I and everyone.
You are both a spiritual being of Light, and a biological being of light.

What is the Scientific Evidence that We Are Beings of Light?

Light is emitted from all living beings, emitted from our DNA, and can be photographed. This light is emitted as biophotons and as a field…
Biophotons are ultraweak  light emissions from biological systems. They can be detected by probes as part of the electromagnetic radiation of living biological cells.  Biophotons are emitted in the visible and in the ultraviolet  spectrum.
DNA uses ultraviolet photons (Light) to communicate. This has been shown by Fritz-Albert Popp, a German theoretical physicist, and also by a Russian scientist, Pjotr Garjajev. Communication between cells using biophotonic light has been proved in over 5000 experiments.  Cells from the same culture have been placed in two environmentally shielded rooms, and if the cells are in quartz glass containers, one set of cells subjected to a deadly condition - virus, toxin, etc. will affect the second set of cells in another room. If the cells are in ordinary glass, or if a window between the rooms is ordinary glass, no communication occurs. Dr Gargajev suggested that communication by Light  this is not just an occurrence between cells, but  is also the means by which plants may communicate.
After thousands of experiments with cells,  the scientists experimented with onion plants under similar conditions. Results showed that onion plant roots in one quartz glass pot could stimulate growth of a plant in a neighboring quartz glass pot. This was not the case with plants in ordinary silicon glass pots. Quartz allows light in the ultraviolet and infrared spectrum to pass through as well as visible light. Silicon glass filters out these bands of the electromagnetic spectrum. Apparently the plant's molecules send out an electromagnetic field in the ultraviolet range that allows them to communicate.
Cells talk to one another. Health and happiness are dependent on coherent Light in the body.
The following hypothesis is particularly interesting. Since plants use photosynthesis to grow, when we eat plants, we store the photons from the plants in our DNA for our bodily processes. DNA uses the stored light to send out a wide range of frequencies to switch on the processes like an orchestra conductor.  Each cell has an electromagnetic field and resonance, allowing cells to use the light in their DNA "see" and 'hear"  each other.
Cells communicate with each other within plants, animals and humans. They also communicate with other beings external to themselves in the same manner. Biophotonic communication occurs through field interactions and wave resonance. Field interactions and wave resonance both occur when beings are in proximity. Wave resonance occurs at a distance and does not depend on the physical proximity of two plants, animals or people. There is a symphony of biophotonic  light and sound (photon and phonon wave frequencies) occurring each moment within us. This is the basis of telepathy.
Can We Photograph the Light?

The Light can be photographed using special equipment. The biophotons  described above are regularly photographed by molecular biologist researchers, and appear as little dots of light moving in tubules.

The blue light-emitting hands at the top of this page were photographed using Kirlian photography. Valentin Kirlian, a Russian researcher, developed a method of contact photography, and successfully photographed the light emitted from people’s hands and from plant leaves. The light emitted from a person's hands varies when a person is healthy or happy or when a person is tired, ill, or sad. Red flares appear in the normally blue light when a person is angry. Most amazingly, people who are known as healers appear to emit golden light when performing healing work. I have used Kirlian photography and have personally seen these variations in light emissions.
A newer version of the Kirlian photography device, called a GDV – Gaseous Discharge Visualization – uses contact with a person’s fingertips to reconstruct the Light a person is emitting and show the “auric field” (emitted light) around their entire body, not just their fingertips. It does not show the fingertip light emissions, but a diagram of light emitted by the body, showing areas where it is strongest and weakest. The advantage is that you see the entire body’s emissions not the fingertips. The disadvantage is that you see a diagram, not an actual photo. A sample GDV diagram is shown below.
Your body does emit visible light (as well as ultraviolet) but 1000 times weaker than the levels that can be seen with the naked eye. The amount of Light emitted varies with the body clock, and is frequently at its lowest level around 10am and highest around 4pm. Of course this varies with each individual’s circadian rhythm.
On a molecular level, German researchers are taking photos of “biophotons”, low level electromagnetic Light travelling through your body. Since 1992, the International Institute of Biophysics, a network of research laboratories in more than 10 countries, based in Germany, has been coordinating research in biophotonics. It has been postulated that the light is stored in the DNA in the nucleus of cells, and released to regulate life processes. The light in the body forms a coherent holographic field. This field is often called an aura - but not by the biologists!.

Neurophysiologists such as Karl Pribram are taking note of the work with biophotonics and relating it to memory and consciousness.  This is important new research at the frontiers of science.

Non-Human Beings of Light

We speak of beings of Light as though they are some sort of mystical beings. We know now that there is scientific proof that we emit light, although it is too dim for most people to see.  What about creatures of Light? We are all familiar with fireflies that communicate on a summer’s night by flashing light. Marine biologists are finding more and more deep sea organisms that light up with a flash, shimmer or other pattern to attract prey or mates or to communicate or even to locate food. Corals and jellyfish are known to shine brightly, but now scientists have discovered  that most deep sea fish do too. Over 90% of deep sea creatures exhibit either bioluminescense or biofluorescence. Bioluminescence is a chemical reaction, (such as the blink of the firefly) whereas biofluoresence is when an organism absorbs blue light and emits a different color such as red or green or orange. There are many scientific studies you might consult, but a great start is to watch the NOVA program “Creatures of Light”.

Extending Nikola Tesla’s Work with Light

Many researchers in medical fields around the planet are currently exploring using Tesla-type technology to dissolve infectious diseases or even cancer, using Light frequencies. This work is called radionics and it utilizes subtle energy, sometimes called eloptic energy or scalar energy to identify the energy signature of a disease in order to dissolve that disease. Some researchers are using the technology to build health by identifying the energy properties of nutrients and infusing that energy in specific individuals. One such researcher is Tom Paladino, ( who is currently working to both dissolve infectious diseases and to infuse nutrients into people so that their bodies can heal themselves.  It is quite remarkable work with Light. He offers a 15 day free trial of his scalar treatments.

Are there Beings of Light without Physical Bodies?

There are beings of Light whose physical bodies we cannot see - but we can perceive as "Orbs". For the past 10 to 15 years, many people have photographed these orbs, and some people have seen them with the naked eye.  They are large and small, different colors, and have been photographed by thousands of people. Many orb pictures are available on the web. I have taken a number of photos of orbs and will publish some on this site. The following were taken at the Atlanta Botanical Garden in December 2014.
Orbs are with us tonight
Orbs are with us tonight
Note the large green orb in the foreground.

There is a great deal of discussion as to source of these intelligently moving orbs - spirits, ghosts,  interdimensional beings, aliens - or perhaps some combination of these. No one knows. Some have hypothesized that the photos are nothing more than an artifact of digital photography, or dust specks, or refracted light through a lens. While a small percentage of these orb photos may be artifacts, clearly, not all of them are. Some people are known to be able to call the orbs to have their picture taken. They appear on command, day or night. Some appear to have figures inside of the orb. Dr. Klaus Heineman, a physicist who has worked extensively with NASA, has devoted himself recently to the study of orbs. He and Dr. Miceal Ledwith have investigated orbs under controlled conditions, and have produced several books on the subject. While there is considerably less research on orbs than on other aspects of
light, it is a fascinating new vista in light research... 

Orbs move among the lighted trees.
Orbs move among the lighted trees.
This orb seems to be following us.
My intention is two-fold:
1. To educate you about the Light, both the spiritual and physical basis for all existence
2. To show you how to grow your Light so that you may add to the Light of the world. From time to time, there will be a variety of techniques described.
In any case, you know that NOW is the time for you to actualize the potentials you’ve felt. Your search has brought you here. 
You ARE a being of Light. You sense this Light and perhaps sense the Oneness….Since all Light is connected, all Light is Eternal.
We’ll explore all of this and more…Together, online, in lectures, workshops and private sessions.
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