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Grow your Light

To begin with, you must realize that as a being of Light, you are already producing Light every moment of your existence. Light is in every cell; Light passes between cells as they communicate. Light courses through your meridians, pulsing the circuits of energy. Light spins in your chakras. Light is produced in the magnetic fields of your heart and brain. Light circulates through you and illuminates you. It is your signature in the not-quite visible spectrum. It has been called your “aura”.

 Those people who see or feel a slightly broader spectrum of Light can see your “aura”.

The question is: How can you see it, feel it, grow it?

There are many techniques. Here is one to begin.

Amplify your Light through your hands to create a circuit. Hold your hands 4 to 6 inches apart and feel the magnetic energy passing between them. Once you feel it, begin to “play with it”. Change the direction, wrap it around another part of your body such as your knee, and pass it through that body part. Pull up from your feet, pull down through the top of your head (your crown chakra), etc.Now that you know how to feel the energy, breathe it in through your nose and breathe it out through your mouth. Feel the circuit. Now hold the energy as you breathe it in. Breathe in the energy, and as you release your breath, hold the energy and begin to amplify it. With each breath, your energy field expands. You can see it as a white or golden egg around your body. Fill the egg and expand it until your field is the size of the room you are in, now the building. If you are outside doing this exercise, fill the area you are in. Breathe it in through the top of your head and feel it going all the way down through you to the soles of your feel and into the ground. This anchors you with Spirit above and Earth below you.This energy “egg-shell” you have created is filled with Light, your Light. You can see it in a slightly-darkened room. The colored glow will be visible. You knew you were a being of Light. As you practice this first exercise, you will be able to feel and see your Light.

There are many other ways to grow your Light, to expand your energy envelope, to radiate positive energy.

Meditation is a great way to expand your Light. There are many many techniques you can use, and you can find dozens on the web. If you have never meditated, this is a means of clearing all of the chatter out of your mind, clearing you to become one-pointed in your focus. When you are clear, your coherent Light expands.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is another way to free your energy so that your Light shines in a more coherent manner. This method (and there are several variations) allows you to focus on emotional situations, past or present, that block you from your full potential and happiness - and to release them. Once clear of the limiting situation, you become more energized and able to focus on the positive situations in your life. Being positive ALWAYS creates more Light around you - and attracts more positive situations in your life!

Reiki and other energy practices such as Pranic healing and chi gong also increase your Light...They work on the physical, mental, emotional and energetic levels of your being...The more you clear the blockages in your energetic systems, the more Light is available to you.

The Institute of HeartMath teaches a variety of methods and exercises to produce more coherent light. Their work with the electromagnetic field produced by the heart has shown that when we are stressed, the heart sends out jagged impulses, and when we are calm, the heart sends out coherent sine waves. This work is being embraced by cardiologists as a means of improving their cardiac patients.

Let's not forget the simplest way to increase your Light:

Do something kind for someone else. Making a kind gesture not only expands their Light - but yours as well. Scientific research has shown that your kind actions increase the levels of feel-good chemicals in the brains of both the giver snd the receiver...

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